(SEPT. 2019!) 2nd Edition From Mind to Metal
Randy Grubb’s newest book is Out!

Randy Grubb Mind To Metal Book

From Mind to Metal Second Edition by Randy Johnson, is the definitive, authorized book on the life and work of automotive artist Randy Grubb, who sold his first giant hot rod, “The Tank Car,” to Jay Leno.

Grubb followed that up with a string of hits: The Indy Special, The B-702, Piss’d Off Pete, The DecoLiner, the DecoPods, The Decoson, Bob “Rocket Man” Maddox’s Pulse Jet Lakester, Tim “Frogman” Cotterill’s Rocket 3, The Falconer Dodici, and the new Magic Bus, which was completed in 2019. A tribute to Grubb’s San Francisco’s Summer of Love memories.

Randy calls his extraordinary builds, “rolling sculptures.”

Aaron Robinson, executive editor of Car and Driver, wrote the foreword for the book, offering humor-injected insights into Grubb’s motivations for creating his extreme hot rods. Carolyn Pavia-Rauchman, copy chief of Car and Driver, signed on as editor.

Many of the book’s photographs are by the author, Randy Johnson, and there are exquisite contributions from renowned photographers, including Jarmo Pohjaniemi / Doug Hall of Playboy, Brandan Gillogly of Hot Rod, and auto portrait specialist Ron Kimball. Stephanie Carlson provided her astounding shots for the last chapter on The Magic Bus, as well as the book’s new back cover.

The 106-page, full-color book is 8.5” x 11”, with 178 photos and 10 illustrations.

A video preview of the book is available here:

From Mind to Metal 2nd Edition
Copies from the second edition are available only through the Johnson ArtWorks eBay store. We hope you enjoy it!


Mind To Metal

The front cover photograph is by Jarmo Pohjaniemi, a Miami-based photographer who has created spreads for Playboy. The back cover photo is by Brandan Gillogly, editor and photographer for Hot Rod Magazine.The authorized, definitive book on Randy Grubb and his automotive art is
Now available on eBay!

“From Mind to Metal” was written by Randy Johnson, who has documented Grubb’s sculpture since 2012, often visiting Randy’s garage several times a week. Johnson also produced Randy’s YouTube series, “Randy Grubb’s Garage.”

In the process of researching this book, Johnson interviewed Grubb numerous times, as well as Randy’s father, Dr. Roland Grubb, and many of the artist’s friends and collaborators. In part, Johnson’s “inside out” view of Grubb was the result of accompanying Randy on two road trips in the extraordinary Flash-Gordonesque DecoLiner.

Although many of the photographs are by the author, there are exquisite contributions from renowned photographers Brandon Gillogly of Hot Rod, Jarmo Pohjaniemi / Doug Hall, Ron Kimball, as well as by Holly Ansman, Bill Wood, David Lee, L. H. Selman, Ltd., Ratrod Ray Studios, and the archives of Randy Grubb.


What happened when artist Randy Grubb put a Patton Tank engine in a giant hot rod? The synapses of the collective hot-rod brain snapped, Jay Leno bought the car for his collection, and the door swung open to an alternate dimension of automotive design. Grubb was born into hot rodding, immersed in gasoline culture by his
SoCal hot-rodding father and grandfather.

 Now working out of his backyard shop in southern Oregon, he has created a steady stream of spectacular rolling sculptures to international acclaim.


Aaron Robinson, executive editor of Car and Driver, contributed an enlightening foreword for this book on Grubb’s work.

The first chapter, “Born into Hot Rodding,” tells the story of the young Randy Grubb, getting his feel for moving fast through space on bicycles and go-karts before graduating to hot rods and studying the history of automotive design.


Chapters in the book include Randy’s first extreme build, the “Tank Car,” sold to collector Jay Leno. Also shown here are spreads from the chapters on Piss’d Off Pete and the B702.


Page selections from the chapters on the Indy Special, the DecoLiner, and the DecoPods.


The last three chapters cover the builds and design process for the Bob Maddox Pulse Jet Lakester, Tim “Frogman” Cotterill’s Rocket 3, and for perhaps Randy’s greatest achievement, the Falconer Dodici, completed in 2016.

The full-color, 8.5” x 11” book is 100 pages with 165 photos, and eight illustrations by artists Don Tippit, Tim “Frogman” Cotterill, and Randy Johnson.

Quantities of the book are extremely limited.
They can be purchased only through the Johnson ArtWorks eBay Store, for $50.00, including shipping within the United States.

International sales are now available with an additional shipping charge.