Decopod Bi-Pod – Randy Grubb’s Art Deco Scooter

The Decopods are scooters with an Art Deco aluminum body.
There are two styles of Decopods, a Bi-Pod and Tri-Pod.

Decopod Bi-Pod
Randy Grubb and the new Decopod Bi-Pod

The Decopod Bi-Pod is built around a Piaggio Fly 150. While the Decopod Tri-Pod utilizes a Piaggio MP3 scooter. Think of them as big and little brother. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Decopod Bi-Pod

The Decopod Bi-Pod photographed by Dave Johnston along the beautiful Rogue River in Oregon.

Deco Bi-Pod

Nicely formed aluminum bodied tail section.

Randy Grubb’s Decopod, 12-8-12

Randy Grubb’s Decopod — Model B at Rogue River

Randy Grubb’s Deco Helmet, 10-12-13